Newsletter #2

Newsletter #2

Dear friends,

Happy new year to all of you! 

Thank you for your continued support and purchasing our bird’s nest products. Because of your purchase, we are able to continue our social work within the marginalised communities.

In October 2021, Vietnam lifted most of the Covid-19 restrictions permitting vaccinated individuals to engage in socio-economic activities. Due to this, there was a surge in infected cases across the country, overwhelming the hospitals and forcing patients to recuperate at home.

Our partner NGO whom we work with to distribute food supplies and essentials has been facing several setbacks with members of the team and volunteers getting infected. As a result, food distribution to the villagers has slowed down due to lack of manpower. Despite these challenges, our food bank project in the province of Dong Nai and Cai Lay continues with measured safety precautions. 

food distribution to 1200 village households

In the months of October to December, we were able to give out food rations to more than 1200 households fortnightly. On top of the food items, we also included panadol, lozenges and face masks for their safety as some of them have been unable to access it.

masks and medication for distribution

Once again, thank you so much for your support. Without you - our customers -  we would not be able to start this project and alleviate the challenges faced by the villagers in Vietnam. In order to make an impact in the community, we need a collective effort. 

We hope that 2022 will be a better year. Please stay safe during this period! 

I will write to you again soon with more updates.

Best Regards,

Pure Grace Nest team