At Pure Grace Nest -  洁恩燕窝, our mission is to create a culture filled with purpose and love towards one another in order to work towards a common goal of delivering premium quality bird's nests that are ethically made. We're a business with a purpose. Each bottle is carefully hand brewed to deliver a product all of us are proud of.
Meet the people behind the scenes who's contributed to the making of your daily brew! 
 Meet Weiye, the head honcho
He's the guy who personally responds to your text and delivers your orders. He sees to it that you are extremely satisfied with your birdnest. Read his story in the "About Us" page. If he could choose, he'd prefer to be in the background but there's a pressing need within the marginalised community where he saw himself as a mouthpiece and an advocate for the vulnerable.


Meet Thuy (pronounced as "Twee")

 Thuy is the force behind Weiye. A devoted wife and mother, she makes sure each bottle of birdnest that reaches your door is topnotch and given a seal of her approval. Oh and that's the little guy you've probably seen in our social media devouring a bottle of birdnest. He's our biggest fan. :D


Meet Yen

Yen has been part of our team since day 1. She works with us in Vietnam carefully cleaning each birdnest. As a mother, she gets to provide for her children and with regular working hours, she gets to spend them with them often! 


Meet Loan

Loan is also a pioneer member of our team. She works together with Yen carefully cleaning each birdnest. A mother of 2, she's been able to support her family financially as well as be present as a mom to her children! 



Meet Khor

Khor was a former advertising dude and passionate about helping the less privileged. He's the guy responsible for the beautifully taken photos and videos you see! We've been super blessed to have him in our team.